Justin Behrmann is the Managing Partner of Central Waste Management and Co-owner of Asset Solutions Group, a property preservation company. He entered the trash business in 2008 at the start of the subprime crisis after spending years himself in mortgage banking. For the last 8 years, his company has been performing PPR, P&P, and REO work for National banks and local Realtors protecting and preserving their assets. In 2013, his company branched out within the trash industry to include Multifamily residential performing doorstep and curbside trash & recycling removal. Justin has a BA from Texas Tech University and is a veteran of the Air Force. He lives in Driftwood with his wife Susan and their daughter Greta. He can be contacted at justin@trashvalets.com.


CWM and ASG were founded on the guiding principle of providing our Clients with the highest level of service. This equates to a business model that has allowed for efficient and steady growth in the trash industry for the last 8 years. Our success and reputation in the REO and Multifamily industry is built upon a clear VISION of what our clients’ need, a STRATEGY for producing industry leading services, and a DEDICATED workforce whose goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations.